Love is described as beautiful, but it can leave you heartbroken, sick and depressed if not well-managed. Some people get into relationships with high expectations only to end up hurt and disappointed when their partners don’t meet these expectations. They forget that a partnership is built through mutual support, not dependency on one individual. The author of “You Are Right I Am Wrong” creates a great illustration of what a perfect partnership needs to like. The book makes use of imagery, metaphor, and simple language to help any reader easily grasp the content in the book. He answers complex questions that most couples or lovers in relationships face. For instance, Have you ever disagreed with your partner on something you are very sure is your partner’s fault, but she refuses to take the blame? If you have ever been in such a scenario where you are torn between accepting blame even though you know it is not your fault or walking away to teach your partner a lesson, this book is a MUST-READ for you.

In the book, the author helps you understand that an apology does not necessarily mean you are on the wrong side. We apologize because we disagreed and not because we made a mistake. All relationship problems begin with disagreements; therefore, if you can master the art of saying “sorry, ” you will be on the right path towards a perfect relationship. But apologies alone can never build a strong partnership bond. For that reason, the author goes further to explain the basic principles to apply in a partnership and common mistakes people make that destroy their love. He details the importance of trust and how to earn it; The book helps you understand that trust does not only fade with cheating, but procrastinating duties also plays a significant role in killing trust. The significance of communication and mutual agreement and the right questions to ask your partner are emphasized in the book. The author explains how habits, friends, family and hobbies ruin our relationships. And if you are the kind of person who has lies and secrets hidden in their closet because you fear that your partner has no right to know about your past life, then you are doing it wrong because when one secret surfaces, your partner may go digging for other hidden bones in your closet. There’s a lot in the book that will save you weekly visits to a psychologist or counsellor if you are the kind of partner that is worried about how you can become a better partner. The book contains all the answers to the questions you seek.

You're Right I'm Wrong Book

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