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Chapter 01

Let's Get Real

It’s not your partner’s job to make you happy. Happiness is an inside job. You’re a great partner, right? Of course you are. So why do you need this book?

Chapter 02

Four Mistakes - Four Solutions

Chapter 03

Four Stages of Relationship Decline

Chapter 04

Four Skills for a Happy Relationship

Chapter 05

Your Needs to Be Happy

Chapter 06

Your Partner's Needs to Be Happy

Chapter 07

Daily Tools for Relationship Balance

Chapter 08

Daily Tools for Relationship Equality

Chapter 09

Daily Tools for Relationship Security

Chapter 10

Daily Tools for Relationship Trust

Workbook for you're right i'm wrong

Workbook For Book

This book is all about having a great partnership. It takes a unique approach to your relationship. Part 1 starts by helping you understand how your partnership got so bad. It allows you to step back and connect with similarities in your partnership. The goal is to help you understand how you have unknowingly created problems so you can get on a path to fixing them.

Part 2 helps you to understand why your partnership went bad. This is where you begin to see what caused the disconnections. You’ll begin to see your actions in a new way, shining a light on how they affect your partner. Once you understand the how and why you are halfway to fixing your partnership.

Part 3 is the most important, because it’s about resetting the relationship. It has a step-by-step approach to fixing your partnership and sixteen tools needed to do so. When reading the book, you will understand what needs to be repaired in your partnership and, more important, which tools will fix it.

Why buy the book

You’re Right, I’m Wrong

because healthy, loving partnerships don’t happen by accident

Are you clueless about making your partner happy or wonder what they’re thinking? Have no idea why they get so mad over those little things, to the point that you think, there’s no way I’ll ever make you happy… so why even try?
Here’s a quick test: You pissed your partner off, and they go into the bedroom and lock the door. What should you do?
A. Leave them alone to cool off or
B. Knock on the door and apologize

If you selected A,  then get this book

The answer is B. Knock on the door and apologize. But you weren’t wrong! Why are you apologizing when you’re sure you’re right! The answer’s easy: you apologize for not being on the same page with your partner. If you don’t apologize, you will live in misery in your house. This book is all about how to live a fun and happy life with your partner. The advice and insight in this book are designed to help you fix your relationship.


About the Author

Jeffry Marinelli

Jeff Marinelli is an author and magazine publisher focused on making a difference in his marriage, family, and philanthropic pursuits. One primary goal is to kick in when needed and ensure my partner is not stressed, which defines why   “MY WIFE IS MY LIFE.”

He heads a dynamic team of high-tech, high-touch stars in his business life. But his most Immense joy comes from helping relationships thrive. He is not a psychologist but rather an optimist who has learned from profound experiences while living with his wife in personal and professional settings. His wife is a super-achiever, having worked with some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. Her achievements are noteworthy in growing and selling multimillion-dollar businesses.

Though she can be demanding, aggressive, and intimidating to others, Jeff’s focus on love and openness has enabled their friendship, love, and marriage to excel through the primary rule of trust. They are inseparable and committed to staying on the same page in decision-making.


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Gonzalo Duran

Gonzalo Duran is an Angeleno-based artist with an international following. Born in Mexico, he immigrated to the United States as a child and grew up in East L.A. before attending Otis Art Institute and Chouinard Art School. He has been called the Marc Chagall of North and Central America. His brilliant, sometimes stunning color palette complements his boundless imagination. He runs the Mosaic Tile House with his wife, artist Cheri Pann, from their home in Venice, California.

Gonzalo was the perfect artist for this book because he lives what is written in this book. Gonzalo knows that when his partner is happy, so is he. He tells the visual story of the book through his artwork, and his work is a true gift to readers.


A quick test

Emma Hatley appeared on Sky News to discuss some reasons for the firm seeing divorce enquiries rise by 122% from July to October 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Surveys conducted by Citizens Advice Bureau showed similar trends. Emma noted that the increased pressure of home working and schooling, as well as potential health and financial concerns may have played a role in this.  

  • The US divorce rate is the third-highest in the world.



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